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      Premier League team support on Twitter

      Geotagged tweets aggregated to postcode districts (by user) from 18 Aug. to 19 Dec. 2012.

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      About this Map

      This map was created by:

      Powered by Leaflet. Postcode data from OS and NISRA. Country shape data from Natural Earth.

      All geotagged tweets mentioning Premier League teams were collected between 18 Aug. and 19 Dec. 2012. The number of unique users mentioning team hash tags were counted and aggregated to UK postcode districts. The data is normalized by a 0.25% sample of all geotagged tweets in the postcode district.

      For more information about this work, please read about it on floatingsheep.org, or follow @floating_sheep and @oiioxford on Twitter.

      This framework is released under a CC-BY-NC-SA license. Code available on GitHub.